Tuesday, February 19, 2008


the finished product:

typography projects from last semester:

type logo and business card (trampoline inventors):

first letter project:

word interpretation project (picked for the hokin gallery show at columbia):

Sunday, February 10, 2008

random collection...

this polaroid is from the fall... outside of my window.

this is one from a number of pictures micah and i took pumpkin carving in october. i just especially like this one.

this is a technique called TtV (through the viewfinder). i was just experimenting with it three or four months ago. i love the look of it.

these two were taken during my first few weeks of class in the fall. i was out finding "e"s for my typography assignment.

aaand these are the recents. i'm in a "digital photography for non-majors" class and to be honest... it kind of sucks. we have to use our point and shoot digital cameras (lucky for me i have a nice one) and i'm the only one in the class with a substantial amount of photography experience. i'm not trying to sound conceited or cocky in anyway, its just difficult when we're going over what f-stop and aperture, shutter speed and depth of field all mean. it's just boring, and not what i was expecting. i suppose what i assumed it would be is more of a digital imaging (editing digital photos and learning new techniques and photoshop/lightroom tricks) i guess refreshment is always a good thing... im just sick of being stuck in the basic photography. i was an AP photo student in high school - i feel like i am selling myself short.

ANYWAY.. for our first assignment we had to create a collection of 10 photos with a theme of "close to home" (things that are important to us or are literally close to home). so i chose to do things that were incredibly important in my life. as i was shooting i discovered the first few things i photographed all had a circular shape, so i tried to continue that relationship throughout my work... check it out:

Sunday, February 03, 2008

cheap thrills!

this is a rough of a poster im working on for eskell and these other boutiques. i still have some editing to do, but felt the need to share. i'm pretty pleased with the outcome thus far..

this is the ad i produced for them in december..