Monday, June 22, 2009

"Everything Will Be Just Fine"

dear eduarado recife, you're my favorite...

and i can't seem to get this phoenix tune out of my head... give it a listen and join me, will ya?
Love For Granted - Phoenix

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bonnaroo 2009

Set up a photobooth for Asics Onitsuka Tigers at Bonnaroo. Jonny brought me along as his assistant. We were gifting performing artists and shooting them while they tried on their shoes. I met a lot of amazing performers... all of those photos are for internal use only so i can't show them, but i did manage did get in the photo pit for passion pit and shoot for fun.

To sum things up.. I'm pretty sure Jonny and I dominated Bonnaroo 2009. ALTHOUGH... Bonnaroo did take it's toll on me Saturday night mid-bruce springstein set, which was a little unfortunate. I caught myself a bit of the bonnaflu, which I am still trying to recover from, but I think my decision to call it an early night gave me the extra boost I needed on Sunday to take it home. Nice try Bonnaroo.

We worked a lot more than I anticipated, which I didn't mind at all. There were tons of people at the fest and I much rather enjoyed being amongst the performing artists and celebrities than out trying to catch shows in the smoldering heat and sporadic torrential down pours. Dominated the boss wooing, broke numerous bonnaRULEs that I can't even begin to explain and slept so peacefully each and every night thanks to the free artist's hospitality drinks and fellow friendly substance abusers. Bonnaroo was pretty much all this girl could ask for; music, drinks, photography, camping -- it was like everything I loved wrapped up into one week.

I was certainly spoiled though - I don't think I could ever do Bonnaroo without my artist's pass. Guest camping, free hot showers, backstage access, free drinks and catering are just too much to give up.

The only thing I would do differently in the future is better prepare myself: Emergen-C, DanActive Immunity Boosters and rain boots are a must.

(got a lil wet)