Tuesday, September 15, 2009

do you see it?

or not? if you know me well enough, and you have a good eye you just might...

and the project that came in at a close second to destroying me last fall semester...

there is so much i want to fix about it. but after all the frustration and aggravation i can't even stand the sight of it, therefor... i think it's a lost cause.


Ryan said...

Hi, this is a random moment in time. So i was bored today and googled
an old screen name i used to use. I discovered a livejournal account
that i used a few times years back. Anyways, i read a post I made
and the comments that followed. You were one that commented. being
the random and chaotic guy I am i thought i'd say hello. i found your blog through your link on lj. i like it. it funny how times change. i'm ryan
by the way, it's healthy to make new friends, right? how is your sunday
treating you?

oh, and here is a link to what i'm talking about. http://easyide.livejournal.com/2015.html

email me if you'd like. ryanreg4484@gmail.com

take care!

bradbolt said...

i see it.